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Here is the translated text from the Berlin newspaper….

Jens Hinrichsen is looking for the new face of the future to be the art district Heidestrasse

Something in the sector is stirring. Later one will speak of a time when galleries were shooting out of the ground in Heidestrasse. Seven are already visible, moved into this trade area. Into a hall complex only a stone’s throw away from the main railway station. Here lures urbanistic no man’s land that is gradually planted with art. With young girls’ blooming at the Galerie Schuster, for example: Faces for a faceless surrounding. Deborah Hamon from San Francisco paints growing up in lovely, suburban environments: juicy green meadows, swimming-pools, light blue rooms off whose floors one could eat.
Departure or rebellion are hardly possible in those sparkling clean slip-cover rooms. Buckled shoes are flashing, flowery dresses are waving. Koala bears are rubbing themselves on pink trees, a hint of childish sexuality is blowing through the picture-spaces. A clique of four is lifting their shirts and gazing at their bellybuttons, a trio is practicing model poses at the edge of a pool (700 to 4.400 Euros). Hamon herself is a mother of a girl. Her nearly provoking “harmless” but competent painted tableaus are quoting David Hockney, Edward Hopper or Alex Katz. This European premiere of the Australian born artist is doubled, because parallel the Galerie Schuster Photo is showing her photo-painting-montages (Heidestraße 46 and Gartenstraße 7, both til 29.03).

Der Tagesspiegel, 01.03.2008, p.24

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