Drum Roll Please…

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Well the drum roll might just be for me, but if you have been following along and reading my last 3 posts, I am now pleased to present the final version of my triptych. It doesn’t look anything like I thought it might as I was working on it in the early stages, and that is a good thing. It is nice to be surprised by your work. In my last post I showed images of the right panel and revealed at the end that it had changed dramatically again as I had gotten rid of all of the upright “trees.” The thing is I really liked those trees and some of the things that were starting to happen there. Sometimes I will take a quick photo when I know I am about to make a dramatic change. Other times I forgo the photo because I want to do it quickly before I change my mind! Ultimately for me, the trees were too stuck in my original notion of what this painting was going to be, and I realized that I could keep playing with them and probably end up with a fairly nice result or I could take a bigger risk and dive into the unknown. RISK. It’s a great thing for artists to embrace.

For me, it resulted in a much more interesting painting with less representation, a more refined color palette, more texture and history of the process revealed. And in the end I was even able to keep an area of the original, “unfinished watercolor like quality” that I had liked and mentioned in my first post and showed a deleted detail in my next post. It is a small area –lighter vertical lines in the triangular section on the right panel– but a nice contrast to some of the thicker more textural areas that can be seen in the actual painting although are hard to see in the reproduction here.

Even to the very end of this painting I was still holding on to a more representational landscape in the background with a horizon line with hills and sky and clouds. I finalized everything else and then had to talk myself into removing the horizon line — I could always paint it back in, I told myself convincingly. In fact, the horizon line kept get higher and higher until finally green took over, with just a touch of blue. And suddenly the painting was finished.

Click on image for larger view.

After the Storm, Acrylic on Panel, 2017, 14 x 33 inches (triptych)