Lishui International Photography Festival

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En Garde, © Deborah Hamon, 2014

My photograph, En Garde will be on display in China for the Lishui International Photography Festival from November 6-10th, 2015. The exhibition, Violence, Resilience, and the Human Spirit, was curated by Laura Valenti at Photolucida. Below is her description of the exhibition:

“The images presented here represent a wide range of contemporary documentary portraiture, through the lens of 41 photographers who have participated in Photolucida’s Critical Mass program. Through Critical Mass, photographers around the world share their images with 200 top museum and gallery curators, photography book publishers, magazine photo editors, new media producers, collectors, and critics. These photographers were all selected as Critical Mass finalists or Top 50 photographers in the last few years.

The photographers I have chosen for this exhibition have traveled the world to shed light on some of the most compelling issues of our day. My hope is that the exhibition offers a thought-provoking look at the face of our global experience. The images reference religious rituals, the lives of teenaged girls, war, family traditions, boy prostitutes on the streets of Thailand, the transgendered experience, homelessness, advertising and the American landscape, cultural festivals, female genital mutilation, children at play, plastic surgery and the search for beauty, environmental politics, and the fragile beauty of the human condition. Overall, the exhibition is a look at the hope, struggle, love, despair, beauty, violence, and compassion that characterize our modern world.”