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Big Skate

Big Skate © Deborah Hamon 2016

Big Skate (Detail)

Big Skate (Detail) © Deborah Hamon 2016

Big Skate
Acrylic on Canvas, 2016
54 x 72 inches
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I am finally finished with this painting that has undergone numerous changes along the way. I wanted to create a painting somehow utilizing the pom-poms and those are in fact, the only elements that stayed throughout the long journey of this piece. It started off with no figures and no ice and completely different snowy mountains and a man-made structure and a delightful cloud, which was soon replaced by different mountains and a lake and two figures which I decided to discard after drawing them up. Next I got rid of the mountains and moved in a completely non-representational mode focusing on pattern, until I decided that I wanted figures again. I then created an ice skating rink and drew up 9 figures, with trees and dark foliage and posts with wires in the background. I was really interested in the patterns I was creating in the ice and was about to start painting figure number 5 when I realized the wall of the rink was too confining for the patterns and I wanted mountains again. Aha, an outside frozen lake! Mountains! Movement! Freedom! Pattern! This also meant removing the other figures to create a more open space, most notably painting out my fully painted daughter who was rather displeased, although it’s happened to her before and she eventually admitted that her skating pose was a little static (my word, I believe her word was “awkward.”) The painting finally came together for me with the addition of the white “snow” circles echoing the pom-poms and continuing my play with pattern.