One Becomes Two…

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To be more specific, one panel originally joined with another one panel to become a two-panel painting, Through the Window. However that one painting has now been separated into two separate paintings. Here’s why…

Before I went to Yosemite, I rearranged my studio. Not my work space, but my viewing space. I had so many large paintings stacked against my wall, and my newer, smaller paintings had filled the top of my two tables, and I had nowhere to easily view new work. I find it really valuable to be able to see the recent work I have done especially when developing a new visual language in my paintings. You really need to be able to see and study the work which will help guide your choices in future works.

I figured out a way to restack my larger canvases, utilize a shelf for some of my newer paintings, and move a few other things around and suddenly my studio seemed bigger and I now have a blank wall to be able to stack work against, or hang future, larger pieces. It is very exciting I must say –my studio seems so much larger!

Through the Window, got placed up against the wall, whereas previously it had been laying flat on my table which was harder to view because it is a little larger. As I kept staring at the painting, the right panel just kept bothering me, it was too busy, I decided. I removed it and the left panel remained on view up against the wall. Interestingly enough, the right panel was where the painting began (you can read about it in my Size Matters post), but I liked the simplicity of the left panel by itself. While I was fairly convinced that this diptych would not survive, I thought I would wait a little longer to be sure.

When I returned to the studio after Yosemite, it was a done deal. The left panel became its own painting, and I was excited to turn the right panel into what I thought would be a major waterfall after all the waterfalls I had seen in Yosemite. I proceeded in that direction, expanding upon the water effects that were already there, however the painting soon headed elsewhere, but still with some influence from my recent Yosemite adventures.

Deep Blue, Acrylic on Panel, 2017, 20 x 16 inches

Stacked Wood, Acrylic on Panel, 2017, 16 x 20 inches