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, © Deborah Hamon 2009

New for 2013! I am pleased to announce that I am now offering portrait commissions. If you have always wanted a portrait of your child or children, your family, yourself, or even your favorite pet, I would love to work with you.

I am offering painted portraits or fine art photographic portraits or even a combination of both (as seen in my Girls: Fact and Fiction series). I am happy to discuss different options with you –whatever your budget may be– to create a unique, contemporary portrait. For paintings, I can work from photographs that I shoot or work from photographs that you provide with my guidance, so you don’t have to be located locally.

For more information please email me at contact@deborahhamon.com

, © Deborah Hamon 2005

This client provided numerous photos of their kids of which I chose two and combined them into one painting.


Queen of the Hill (Detail)
, © Deborah Hamon 2007

An example of a painted portrait incorporated into a photographic background.


, © Deborah Hamon 2011

One fun example of a photographic fine art portrait. Additionally, I often place photographed figures in completely new environments as seen in my North series. Your portrait possibilities are endless!


Backyard Visitor
, © Deborah Hamon 2005

While this girl was actually imaginary, just envision –it could be your child and your pet!


Man with Marilyn
, © Deborah Hamon 2001

Yes, I can do male portraits too. Thanks for asking!


Woman with Abstract Painting
, © Deborah Hamon 2001

This portrait is small — 20 x 16 inches. I can work with your budget!

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