Rainbow Mountain Progress!

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Rainbow Mountain painting detail (center)

I keep thinking that my painting will be finished any day and then I’d share it on my blog, but since time keeps moving along rapidly I decided a progress report might be in order instead. If you read my last post, my goal for this painting was to see if I could combine representation and abstraction, inspiration (from what I had seen and photographed) and imagination, in a way that I was happy with.

For a few weeks, I couldn’t figure out what the painting needed. I liked it but I didn’t love it. If I cut the painting completely in half down the middle vertically, I liked the left half of the painting and thought it was pretty much finished. But, I also liked the right half of the painting and thought that looked finished too. However I decided they weren’t totally working together. It wasn’t terrible, it was just grating at me that something was not quite right. Since I wasn’t quite sure what to do, I just kept working which is usually the best move. I decided I would try and paint the left side to feel more like the right side so that is where I began. Inevitably, when I got that to where I was happy with it, then I wanted the right side to feel more like the new left, and so the back and forth continued. Finally I think both sides are coming together now but I am continuing to fine tune.

The difficulty with the fine tuning stage for me is needing to be able to see the painting as a whole to decide my next move. Since it is a large painting I have to back up quite far, often also moving my easel forward away from my palette for maximum distance. Then mix a color and sometimes add a single stroke or two and back up again and so forth and so on. Add to the mix that I need separate vision glasses for distance and close-up work and then no glasses for a specific mid distance, it makes for some fancy coordination! My daughter commented the other night that every time she came in I was never actually painting. At this stage I am probably spending more time looking and walking back and forth than putting paint to canvas. But it is all time well spent in the process of trying to finish the work. Stay tuned…

Rainbow Mountain painting detail (left)