San Francisco Opening

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My opening at Gallery 291 went well — thank you to all those who could make it!

A friend of mine (and creative entrepreneur) who came to the opening wrote a wonderful blurb on my work:

“Deborah Hamon’s work understatedly explores the complexities of innocence in contemporary culture. To interpret her renderings simply as beautiful portraits of isolated adolescence does not capture the spirit of pride, dignity, the potential power of her healthy young female totems. There is an underlying potency in her muses— Are they finding their way or have they lost their way? Are they vulnerable or wise beyond their years? Children of privilege or children of crisis? Offered or kept? An elementary gesture or location can be interpreted as suggestive and metaphoric or simply taken as candid moment. Hamon’s work is a push and pull between reality and fairy-tale, suspension of time and belief — ephemeral beauty with an interpretive narrative.”

Riley Johndonnell
Surface magazine

The artist!

If you get a chance to see the show make sure you go into the office to see additional
photographs and one painting that you can just see a hint of here in the very back.

Looking towards Kelly Sullivan’s exhibition.

Photo by my 5 yr old daughter looking out the window
on a lovely San Francisco evening!

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