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You may have heard the story of Smurf, the purple kitten abused and abandoned and then brought to the 9 Lives Foundation Center. The story was featured in the San Jose Mercury News and then picked up by the news media nationally and internationally.

A woman in northern Minnesota who had sent me a wonderful email after I had recently painted her cat, contacted me on Sunday evening and asked me to consider doing a portrait of little Smurf and gifting it to the 9 Lives Foundation. Like many people, I was moved by the story of Smurf’s plight, and I thought what a wonderful idea to thank the people who helped Smurf and all of the other animals that come to their shelter on a daily basis.

After obtaining permission from the photographer whose photo I used as reference, I created this little painting and sent it to the shelter. The people who work there give so much love and joy to these animals and joy to the people that adopt them, that my hope is that this little painting will remind them of that joy for many years to come.

I received a lovely phone call yesterday from the shelter, who were truly grateful for this surprise. They posted an image to their Facebook page last night. I am overwhelmed by the number of likes, shares and comments. It is a reminder to me how people really do connect to art. Thank you!