Somewhere in the Jungle

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My jungle painting that I wrote about last week is now finished. As my daughter said on numerous occasions: “Mom, you keep working on that painting and it doesn’t look any different.” Well it looks different in the details, I tried to tell her. I found that every time I added a line it then required another line in response, either a whole new line or a change of color of an existing line. It was becoming a meditative cycle with no end in sight.

When I reached the point that I kept wiping off each new stroke, because I didn’t think it added anything or I just didn’t like it, then I decided maybe it’s time to call it quits. I didn’t look at the painting at all for a full day and when I next viewed it I decided I didn’t want to make any more changes. I wrote about this in a post titled Is It Finished?

Yes it is, and my daughter will be so pleased.

Somewhere in the Jungle, Acrylic on Canvas, 2017, 30 x 24 inches