Textures of Yosemite

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Earlier this week I was in Yosemite, followed by a nasty chest cold that knocked me out for a few days, so I am only just now starting to edit my photographs.

The thing that stood out the most for me on this trip was the variety of glorious visual textures we encountered due in part to the variety of weather conditions. We had rain, hail, snow, sun, fog, mist, dramatic clouds and frazil ice (when mist freezes, for example, from a waterfall). This variety makes for lots of photographic opportunities and will likely inspire many upcoming paintings in the studio. (Click on any photo for a larger view.)

There was lots of flooded areas in the valley, lots of water running swiftly, and lots of downed trees. In fact, I was very much reminded of my last painting and was curiously drawn to taking photos of downed trees. Luckily I was fully waterproofed when I needed to be as I was wearing my Arctic gear.

There was lots of green moss on grey rocks — look for an upcoming green and grey painting palette.

I loved the pattern play of these downed trees that had been chopped and stacked, and the juxtaposition of the new growth in front.

We were thrilled to wake up to snow in the valley one morning and later that day we headed up to higher altitudes where there had been heavy snow overnight.

Even though the image below is a common view, it is still always awe-inspiring nonetheless. And there are so many different textures in this single image alone.

Stunning late afternoon light hitting the giant granite…

And while conditions were not right for a firefall view while we were there, any sunset in Yosemite is truly spectacular!