The Flood Continues

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We’ve been getting a lot of rain of late in Northern California. While it is a welcome sight after a number of drought years, it has been arriving in large storms and causing problems such as floods and downed trees. Luckily I have not been too affected but perhaps it is causing the effects in my current painting.

My triptych began as a nice quiet woods scene, then last week it turned into a flood in which I shared an image detail that I had painted over, however, I continued with “trees” in the right panel. The first image below had mostly upright trees. The second image shows that some of them are beginning to fall including the large one in the foreground.

Below are a few images taken on recent runs of obstacles suddenly appearing on the trail that I have had to navigate around. It is actually quite an interesting feeling to be running and in some instances the trail just suddenly completely disappears in front of you. It takes a second for your brain to adjust. The first image below was taken yesterday from up higher where I had to scramble to get around. You may just be able to detect the path on the lower right that stopped abruptly with a wall of dirt and tree before it was suppose to head downhill into the woods. The next two images are other notable obstacles I’ve encountered.

You may know where this is headed…

There are no more upright “trees” in my painting! Water and debris and fallen trees have taken over. The flood continues… But as the sun has now been shining gloriously for a few days, a calm may be taking over the triptych and perhaps the painting will find its finished form soon.