Yes, More Like This!

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Tundra, Acrylic on Panel, 2018, 16 x 20 inches

The only thing that I have figured out is that these five recent paintings feel more like what I am currently searching for. There is a certain energy that I am feeling in both the working process and result.

I am painting small which helps in a number of ways. They are less “precious” and so I am just going for it. Playing, searching, moving on. I’m not overworking them. I’m becoming more confident in dropping perfectionism in favor of vulnerability, something I’ve long coveted. And the physical painterliness is easier to manage when the surface area is small. The big challenge for me will be whether I can translate this way of working into larger sizes without reverting to a more “finessed” look.

In these new paintings, regardless of whether the final result veers more towards abstraction or something more recognizable, they all feel to me like they are coming from the same place of inquiry. This gives me a sense that perhaps I am getting somewhere. For now, at least!

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Tidefall Scramble, Acrylic on Panel, 2018, 18 x 14 inches

Tangled Pond, Acrylic on Panel, 2018, 18 x 14 inches

In The Shadow Of The Mountain, Acrylic on Canvas, 2018, 14 x 18 inches

Cave, Hope, Acrylic on Panel, 2018, 20 x 16 inches