In 2002, when I first started to think about becoming a mother, I began referencing old photographs from my childhood in my paintings. Two examples of these paintings include: The Offering of the Dolls, Oil on Canvas, 2002, 24 x 20 inches; and Me and My Husband (If I was the Older One), Oil on Canvas, 2002,
24 x 30 inches. Soon I started to create imaginary girls, wondering what my daughter would be like and who she would become. For whatever reason, I just knew that I would have a girl.

Imaginary Girls is the beginning of my longstanding interest in the construction of identity of girls as described in Truly Girls. However, unlike Truly Girls
where I set up photoshoots of real girls, most of the figures in Imaginary Girls are indeed imaginary girls that I created, sometimes utilizing poses found in catalogs and online.

The small, Acrylic on Panel portraits from 2006, portray imaginary girls that were all directly influenced by my young daughter who was 2 years old at the time.